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What every homebuyer needs to know.

4 Steps Closer to Home:


  1. Enlist a Murney Buyer’s Agent to represent you when searching for a new home. Your Murney Buyer’s Agent will protect your interests in the home buying process, and it won’t cost you a thing! At Murney, we specialize in providing buyers with professionalism, loyalty, and knowledge of the local market when purchasing a home, as well as introducing you to local lenders to help in the pre-qualification process. Your Buyer’s Agent will be a convenient resource and a valuable advisor as you begin your search for a new home.


  1. Mortgage Pre-Qualification should be the second step in your journey to purchasing a home. Your Murney Buyer’s Agent will assist you in selecting a knowledgeable and reputable lender. Make sure to ask questions such as:

You should receive a pre-approval letter from your lender. Your Murney Agent will include this letter in any offers you make to show the seller that you are pre-qualified for your loan.


  1. After finding the perfect home, it is time to write an offer. Though earnest money – sometimes called “good faith” money – is not required, it can strengthen your offer and more adequately garner the attention of the seller. Once your offer has been presented to the seller and accepted, your Murney Agent will guide you through the home inspection process, appraisals, and escrow. The Murney Agent will make sure all the details are completed in a timely manner and will keep you informed throughout the process.


  1. Closing day! The final step in the process of purchasing of your new home. Your Murney Agent and your lender will have you well prepared for closing. They will meet you at the closing company. Remember, if you are bringing a check to closing it must be in CERTIFIED FUNDS. Cash or personal checks are not accepted.

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